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We try to provide our customers with a wide range of Google updates on the daily basis. As the Google still keeps on changing its algorithm with time and many others, so, we keep a constant eye on all the updates so that we might be able to offer solutions and services to our customers, as per the latest trends of SEO, SMO and web design. Read out below mentioned some Google updates:

Google Made Public The Third Penguin Update In The Industry

The company has released its next update of the Penguin to its search engine algorithm. This update states that this version block, full of the latest penalties. This update made several extra thumb rules in order to create content on the World Wide Web that you are interested in raking well within the search results of the Google with some SEO basics. Google has provided with a few simple and effective methods to create good quality sites to attract your visitors.

Keyword Domains Yet Rank Well Instead Of Changes Made In Google Algorithm

Currently, the names of keyword domains are getting higher ranking as compared to brand able domains. They are capable of getting top rankings in an easy and effective way; there was no effect of Google’s search engine algorithm rolled out last year for them.

A Few Things Most People Do Not Remember About Local SEO

As you know that Local Search Engine Optimization mighty be a challenging and tricky task for people. Most tech lovers have a general idea to apply local SEO to a site, but getting deeper into the methods might be confusing ones. There are some things that they do not keep in mind while performing local SEO. These are: consistency and accuracy in online listings, all the other important information in listings of directories, creating fully fledged social media accounts, sharpening in on hyper local Search Engine Optimization and begging for reviews.

Google Modernizes Flu Trends To Enhance Accurateness

Google is making efforts to update the software prototype it utilizes to predict the spread of the flu. This effort has made due to improve the accuracy of the software. In this manner, the public health officials and professionals can respond to outbreaks in a quick and easy manner. Google will include the data from Disease Control and Prevention Centers in the USA to increase the accurateness of the existing software known as Google Flu Trends.

Why Paid Links Will Diminish The Good Quality Content

Quality plays an important role in the content marketing. Nowadays, it is important to prevent the paid links to destroy the good quality content in any manner. Various SEO professionals provided different methods and opinions on the same.