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Google Panda And Penguin Guidelines

Google panda and penguin are the algorithms of Google and it also keeps on changing frequently. Google is very strict for the content you place on your websites. If you do not follow the guidelines of Google then you will have to suffer from the penalty. When Google panda and penguin was launched there were many websites that were affected. Thus it is important that the website owners should pay attention to the guidelines before uploading anything new on their websites.

If you are still confused then we can provide you with the assistance. Google panda was rolled out in February 2011 and since then there are thirteen refreshes. Google penguin was rolled out in 2012 and has put tighter guidelines on optimization of the websites. There were several adjustments made regarding the keywords, spam factors, unnatural links, cloaking and even content spinning. Majority of the website owners do not pay attention to it intentionally or not.

Google panda

Low quality content is not applicable and it can highly affect your websites. We can help you in getting a better quality content and this will help you in getting better results. How we work

  • Does your website have duplicate cont?
  • Is there is mass or outsourced content
  • Short articles or content lacking useful specifics
  • Content having grammatical errors

Focus on unique content

Google loves quality and unique content is the key to get in the good books of Google. If your website has duplicate content this means now and then your website will be included in the blacklist of Google panda

We can help in

  • Adding interesting and unique content
  • Your content will not match with another website

Clout and authority

We can help you in getting awarded links the more authority’s links you will get the more trust your website will be able to build. Authority’s links is one of the critical factors and it is also judged by Google panda

We can help

  • Providing you with expert writers
  • Trusted information in content

Google penguin overview

Google requires unique content and our experts is the one solution that you can rely on. We have an expert team of the writers having expertise in writing well researched and informative content for your website. They can deliver you with the results that you deserve and require. Google penguin is the most frequently changed algorithm by Google. Our team practices ethical ways to get best content elated to your websites. Google penguin targets spam and if you are having any spam content in your website then it is likely to hit by Google penguin

Whatever is flagged as spam by Google needs to be corrected as soon as possible and we have expertise in that. We have helped many web owners in getting back their rankings. If you have filed request to remove the penalty then it is not going to work because according to Google it is just an algorithmic change and website owners cannot ask for reconsideration. The only way to get out of this problem is professional help.